10mm Gravel


Devines Sand and Gravel Ltd

65 Moorlough Road, Artigarvan, Strabane BT82 0ER, UK


Aggregates for Concrete

Agg 4/10mm Gc85/20

Material type – 10mm Gravel

Particle size mm 4/14
Particle shape FI 29
Fines Quantity f 0.7%
Fines Quality
Shell content SC NPD
Particle Density 2.70 mg/m3
Water Absorption 1.7%
Resistance to Fragmentation (Los Angeles Abrasion) LA 35
Resistance to Polishing (PSV) PSV NPD
Resistance to Abrasion (AAV) AAV NPD
Resistance to Wear (Micro Deval) MDE NPD
Drying Shrinkage 0.068%
Durability against freeze-thaw (MSSV)
Chlorides < 0.001%
Acid Soluble Sulfate < 0.001%
Total Sulphur < 0.003%
Carbonate Content NPD
Release of other dangerous substances NPD
Constituents that alter the rate if setting and hardening concrete NPD
Authorised By Gerard Devine
Date of Issue 19th February 2022