Coarse Sand


Devines Sand and Gravel Ltd

65 Moorlough Road, Artigarvan, Strabane BT82 0ER, UK


Aggregates for Concrete

Agg 0.63/5mm Gc85/20

Material type – Coarse Sand

Particle size mm 0.63/5
Particle shape
Fines Quantity
Fines Quality 0.5g MB/kg
Shell content SC NPD
Particle Density 2.70 mg/m3
Water Absorption 0.2%
Resistance to Fragmentation (Los Angeles Abrasion) LA NPD
Resistance to Polishing (PSV) PSV NPD
Resistance to Abrasion (AAV) AAV NPD
Resistance to Wear (Micro Deval) MDE NPD
Drying Shrinkage
Durability against freeze-thaw (MSSV)
Chlorides < 0.001%
Acid Soluble Sulfate 0.01%
Total Sulphur < 0.01%
Carbonate Content NPD
Release of other dangerous substances NPD
Constituents that alter the rate if setting and hardening concrete NPD
Authorised By Gerard Devine
Date of Issue 19th February 2022